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Build the High Performance Sales Team of your dreams in our virtual office environment using our Expert Sales Trainers

Remote LABS began as a way to reconnect with our team members as the new normal of the remote world took over. It was a way to not only communicate with everyone on a face to face level via zoom, but to hold each other accountable as we discovered working from home took some serious discipline and partnership. It turns out many in the sales industry felt the same way! Since then, Remote LABS has evolved to host businesses of all sizes including many multi million dollar sales organizations. 

Remote LABS can help your remote or in office sales team members transform into high volume producers. Our Sales Trainers work in the trenches with on the spot coaching, support, and daily education. We specialize in providing structure, processes, coaching and community to sales organizations across the country.


We promise to bring Accountability, Consistency, and Education to your sales organization every day! Your Sales Trainer is committed to partnering with you to build a High Performance Sales Team.

Remote LABS is here to be the A.C.E. in your pocket!

Modern over Mid Century

Gone are the days of finding a big fish in a small pond. We provide you with expert Sales Trainers at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time manager with benefits. This allows you to get back to doing what you do best, growing your business. We got this!

Are you ready to go remote?

Do you have the remote world figured out but lack inspiration or do you want to go remote and don’t know how?

We can help, with access to our education library full of coaching resources to help guide you day by day. We do the research so you don’t have to!

We also partner with one of the greatest recruiting companies in the country. Let us connect you to a top remote recruiter to find your next top sales producer.

This is how we do it

Step 1.

Consultation Via Zoom

Meet with our Agency Partnership Consultant and learn how Remote LABS can take your team to the next level. Our team would love to know more about your operation and how we can partner together.

Step 2.


You will receive a customized proposal, outline of monthly fees, and a description of our services. We will send over our contract and first month’s invoice. Upon completion, you will schedule your orientation with your assigned Trainer from Remote LABS.

Step 3.


You and your team will meet with your Sales Trainer to run through the day to day of our remote platform. We will establish goals and expectations to hit the ground running. Let’s get everyone excited to GROW!

Step 4.

Let’s get granular!

Meet with your Remote LABS partner and deep dive into the nuts and bolts of your operation in a one on one setting via Zoom by gathering metrics and setting goals for your sales organization. Meet with your Remote LABS partner once a week and take part in your team members weekly one on ones. You will have access to our educational videos and blogs that are sent out weekly.

Build the High Performance Sales Team of Your Dreams

What our LAB Partners are saying...


Sales Agent

“It has been such a great pleasure to work with everyone! I have enjoyed everything from the interview process to the onboarding process!”

Kathy Jordan

Sales Agent

“I was able to work with Carly and her team for a short time and WOW what a great experience! “


Business Owner

“Thank you for everything! Please know that Gerry was amazing with me. ”


Business Owner

“Remote LABS is an incredible experience for every LSP, regardless of in office or remote.

These brands trust our team. You can, too.

Build the High Performance Sales Team of your dreams in our virtual office environment using our Expert Sales Trainers

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