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Carly Pickern


I have spent the last 16 years running agencies of all sizes and the last 6+ years I have been managing award winning insurance agencies of my own. I specialize in building high performance sales teams and believe in a growth mindset and constant evolution to stay ahead of the curve. After years of running agencies in office, COVID gave me the lane to run remotely, and the ability to hire for talent and no longer out of necessity to fill a seat at a desk in a store front. I knew helping others manage their sales teams by use of Sales Trainers would change the way people work, and I also knew hiring and developing the trainers was the hardest part. This is where Remote LABS comes in, we are the missing link to your high-performance sales team.

I live in Northern California and I love adventure. I also love California! I know it sounds crazy but I believe California is one of the most versatile and beautiful places in the world. I spend several months each year in the Napa Valley exploring wine country and the winter months I love to snowboard in Lake Tahoe. My motto is work hard and play harder. I am also a nut for learning, I love to gather information and explore topics regarding modern management practices for today’s modern employee. The world is constantly changing and so am I!

Building teams has always been a passion of mine, from athletic teams, to sales teams, I love it all. I believe in putting the right people in the right seats, maybe you’ve read Good to Great by James Collins? Building Connective Tissue among teams is always the goal, we can talk about culture all day long but until we give our teams the platform to show up for each other and be leaders we will never earn their trust. We at Remote LABS can help you build connections among your team.

They say I am an enneagram 3, the achiever. I am driven to find success in business with you, your success is my success, we are in partnership! I have a vision, I want to take you there!

Jordan Kennedy

Operations Manager

Assisting business owners in their journey of developing high-performance sales teams through processes is my passion. I love the details and dissecting the structure of an organization sets my brain on fire, in a good way! My specialty is laying out processes which drive structure and growth. I’m a Californian first and foremost, but today you can find me in Sparks, Nevada. Some of my passions include organization, creative design, and family time. My heart is always with my new budding family.

For 8 years I worked in the insurance industry, I have been a licensed agent and worked with many different carriers, I have worked almost every position inside an agency you can imagine. During my years of working in agencies I always felt like something was missing, I knew the agencies I worked with could use the support of a Sales Trainer and making my transition over to Remote LABS as the Operations Manager has allowed me to ability to help agency owners and business owners see the benefits of having a Sales Trainer and Consultant in partnership with their business for growth.

When I am not helping agency owners develop processes and structure via Remote LABS, you can find me playing with my new baby girl and her daddy and planning our next vacation to see friends and family. You might even spot me sipping margaritas on the beaches of Lake Tahoe!

I am an enneagram 6 which makes me loyal, dedicated and a master problem solver. Just let me know what you need and how I can help!

Stephanie Green

Human Resources

Assisting business owners with their HR needs while also making every appropriate situation fun and full of smiles is a big passion of mine! Working with Remote LABS and having co-workers from around the country allows me to help so many more people than I ever could have dreamed, all while I get to spread positive energy and good vibes.

I have worked in HR for many years and when Carly, an old friend, reached out to me and asked if I could bring my fun, loving energy to her new HR department I couldn’t say no!

Originally from California, I’ve migrated east and now reside in Illinois with my lovely family. We love to travel whether it be for our kids sports or just to explore a new part of the world. When I’m not traveling you can find me crushing it at my local workout class or hanging out in the backyard with the kids watching dad skate the half-pipe!

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